Sunday, March 23, 2008

Unfinished Fidget

So, this little beauty is my badge of shame.
I've been done knitting it for over a month and have yet to weave in the ends and sew the buttons on.
I give you....
My adaptation of the Fidget.

Well, there it is.  I knitted it up with Bernat's Bamboo blend yarn in linen and dill.
Four pattern repeats per stripe.


It's supposed to be a birthday gift for one of my best friends, whose birthday is in May.
I HAVE to get it done by then, and there's not much left to do, there's just so many freaking ends.
I should have woven them along as I went, but that's really tricky on a school bus with shot suspension and no scissors.


TwilightOwl said...

The Fidget's looking great right now (love the colours), and on the bright side, you still over a month, right?
Maybe you could pace yourself - just weave a few ends per night before you sleep, or more if you need an insomnia cure.
Else, we could try and invent a type of self-seaming yarn within a month or so.

P.S.:*waves* Hi, Sami! Nice to meet you!

Sami said...

Hey...self striping bamboo yarn...dare we dream it?
Nice to meet you as well, and I'm glad your blanket is coming along nicely!

I'll be putting up another entry as soon as my partner gets her swap package. I don't want to ruin it :p