Thursday, January 31, 2008

Birthday/Christmas has been good to me.

Alright.  Since my last post, I have managed to complete:
The handwarmers for my cousins.
7 Calorimetrys
1 Ellen
1 Danica Scarf
1 Pair of Susan Mitts (all that's left is finishing)
More dishcloths than you can shake a stick at
The start of a pillow from all my novelty yarn.

First things first (that I have pics of)
The Danica.
I started it Christmas Day, when I was in bed and VERY sick.
That was the point I stopped at when I went to sleep on Boxing Day.
I used Emotive wool in a nice green shade for the main color, and various bits from my scrap basket for the colored panels.
That was about a week after Christmas.
I finished it around January 10th.
My baby sister loves it.
She carried it around all day.
Sorry for the crap modeling job.
I loved this pattern.
It was fun to knit :)))

I knit my other sister a Calorimetry a few days ago out of some horribly rough acrylic yarn:

My grandmother gave me a $75 gift card for Michaels.
I spent most of it on yarn.
Specifically a ball of Bernat Natural Soy Blends.
Which I turned into an unblocked (really need to get on that) version of a pattern named Ellen, which I found on Ravelry:
The cast off row is too tight, so it's a bit hard to get on and off.

My New Year's Resolution is to be able to keep ALL of my yarn in my under-bed tote.
Well, the real goal is to fit all my knitting stuff, but I am rational enough to realize that will prolly never happen.
Well, I stumbled upon a HUGE stash of Novelty fun fur and crap.
So I wanted rid of it.
I'm triple stranding Boucle, eyelash, and fur yarn into a pillow:

Santa was good to me.
I ended up getting:
KnitPicks Nickel-Plated Options set.
40" cables (one of the set pulled out, so they sent me two new ones O.o)
47" cables
5 Balls of Palette yarn
1 hank of Shadow laceweight yarn
Knit Socks!
I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks!
Sizes 0,1,2,3 40" circular needles (I'm only missing 1.5 and 2.5 now)

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